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Just click this link to visit our Google Plus page and rate our services. We work hard and get the job done right the first time. To learn more about our business, please visit BCC’s Google Plus page and our Facebook page. Thanks for visiting our website.

Rating with Google Plus Profiles
How to write a rating that appears on Google Searches

For our clients who’ve asked us how to rate Blue Collar Cleaning experiences…

Want to help us out and rate us? Easily sign up for a Google Plus Profile, just one time and you can rate Blue Collar Cleaning in your local area. Ratings are effectively powerful for a business’ reputation. A satisfied customer is king… Enabled to rate a business’ service, through the most powerful search engine, makes the Google Plus system the best rating system- sought out daily by millions of requests. Your ratings from personal experiences should help others who search for the highest quality businesses. Within your shopping circles, you’ve probably searched for the best many times by use of ratings. Word of mouth advertising has long been the most effective way to gain confidence, trust and a strong reputation; is experienced and known by recommendations of others. Easily set-up a Google Plus Profile and leap into the ratings scene. Give credit to those who’ve earned it with a job well done or point out services that could have had better results. A shout out to your neighborhood about a positive personal experience, will help us to gain more trust and trust is what business reputation is based upon. You’ll be helping us and your neighbors with a Google Plus Profile so hop aboard and help us spread the word that Blue Collar Cleaning and Maintenance has come to your town! Hard work, Low Prices, Every Time.

After you’ve joined Google Plus

Now, after you’ve made the grade and signed on with G+, you are enabled to click on the Google Badge to “like” our pages, review and rate our work… Think of it as the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. Rate our business page and any pages that proudly wear the Google Badge…the little icon that’s often ignored alongside the Facebook Like button. Social media is what ratings is about. To go a step further; write a review.  Go to the local business’s Google Plus Page and rate service performance with stars or if you like to write, put your story online as a testimonial for others to read.

Now you’ve achieved Authorship

Great, you’ve gained some authority with your reviews and Google may even post your avatar in their search engine, after you’ve written a few reviews. Even more amazing is that Hummingbird, Google’s new search engine, broadcasts new reviews quickly. That’s powerful! But wait, there’s more…Facebook too has star ratings!

No avatars or engines interest you?

If you’d like for us to publish your testimonial, please submit your comments to us through this website. We encourage you to interact, which helps us do our job better and advertises our hopefully glowing reputation and rockets us into success. Thank you for reading and be sure and post comments below. Like and share with us and don’t forget to Google plus.

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