Cortez and Pueblo Carpet Cleaning PLUS

Our Cortez & Pueblo Carpet Cleaners are Professionals

Multitudes of vital professional maintenance and cleaning services

are available within the scope of BCC’S coverage area. The Four Corners area includes Durango and Colorado Springs. BCC has a background in hvac and a vast array of other often needed maintenance skills, which can pop up unexpectedly. For your clening needs, ask about BCC maintenance contract plans to meet YOUR needs and schedule requirements.

Maintenance Contract Plans

are available to keep your business clean and running like a well-oiled machine. BCC is certified, licensed and bonded for contract work that demands high quality professionalism to keep up appearances. Let Blue Collar Cleaning give your business an image that makes you look like pros. Thorough and fast work with the right tools for the job insures satisfaction on the job every time- guaranteed, shiny and good. Flexible hours are available around the clock, for your convenience. Emergency clean-up services are also available for your convenience.

Specialized services include commercial carpet and tile and grout cleaning. Also vinyl floor cleaning, waxing and buffing…pressure washing, graffiti removal, window cleaning, auto detailing and more.

Life is messy! Clean it up!

Call (719) 252-7664 or click Blue Collar Cleaning to set-up an appointment for a maintenance contract to meet your hectic schedules. All hours are available for cleaning services.

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