Service Areas

Pueblo, CO Office 719 252 7664
Cortez, CO Office: 719 252 7664

Current service area locations

revolve around the two office locations of Blue Collar Cleaning.  Work is accepted for clients in between their two locations. Cleaning and maintenance services span Pueblo, Colorado to Cortez, Colorado. Business locations in between the two business offices also include the  Farmington, New Mexico, service area location. The area along the Highway 160 route to Pueblo, defines the main service area location. Service operations extend out about 50 miles on either side of Colorado’s Highway 160. If you are in doubt about our location service area, just give BCC a call at 719-252-7664. Send us an email to schedule a meeting or make a request. Flexible hours are a necessary part of any cleaning service so please don’t hesitate to ask about a schedule that may be unusual.

Maintenance plans are great for businesses that require constant clean-ups. Blue Collar Cleaning’s management is no stranger to hard work and long hours.

Together we strive to be environmentally responsible while providing the best service in a timely manner. Your satisfaction is our guarantee. All we ask from you is that you tell two people about us. Hard work, Low Prices, Every Time.

South Colorado- Pueblo and Cortez offices are open during normal business hours. After-hours work depends upon each client’s needs.  Commercial equipment is hauled to client’s work facilities that demand flexible hours for cleaning operations, dependent upon client requirements. After hours cleaning is a necessity for most businesses.  BCC will schedule work around your business hours to develop a suitable maintenance or cleaning plan for your business’ individual requirements.

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