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Consider implementing a worry free maintenance plan for your home or business.  We can set you up with daily, monthly, tri-monthly or bi-annual plans that will keep you looking sharp throughout the year and protect your investment.

Flooring is one of the largest investments home owners will make, it makes sense to keep it clean and protected.  Dirt and grime that vacuuming alone leaves behind can harm your carpet and greatly shorten its lifespan.  Hot water extraction is the recommended method of cleaning for most types of carpets and with our high powered equipment, rest assured nothing will be left behind.

New Carpet Cleaner
Nick with the commercial carpet cleaning equipment

Hard floors such as wood, vinyl tile, tile and grout can get run down with foot traffic and begin to wear off the protective finish. Grout lines get dirty and grimy and need a professional deep cleaning to keep it sanitary and looking great.

Tile cleaning
Special methods are used to remove grime from grout

Colorado has the most beautiful views in the world, why see it through dirty grimy windows?

BCC does it all and we want you to be happy and content all year long.

Contact BCC today to talk about what we can do to help satisfy your needs for your home or business.

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